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ClassZoom! School Supplies Program

Welcome to the ClassZoom home page. ClassZoom is a charitable program funded and administered by A Grain of Hope Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) public charity.

Donations for this project are needed.
See our Help Us page for information on donating. Any donations specifically identified by the donor as being for the ClassZoom project will be used solely for providing school supplies and materials to needy children, not for administrative overhead or fundraising expenses. The Foundation does not have salaried staff.

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ClassZoom's Purpose and Goals
ClassZoom seeks to assist low-income school students and their classrooms by providing school supplies and other school-related items. These items might include pens and pencils, paper, backpacks, rulers, calculators - anything a student might need in a classroom, but is unable to afford. As a secondary goal, ClassZoom may provide items or resources that will benefit an entire classroom - particularly in low-median-income school districts.

Teachers and their Needy Students
Besides parents, teachers are the first to notice when a child is unprepared for school. Often, teachers are also aware of a child's family's ability to afford the basics a child is expected to bring to school. Teachers are the best evaluators of the impact of the lack of basic materials on a student. Therefore, ClassZoom relies on teachers to make professional judgements on the need for school supplies for their low-income students.

Teachers: the Traditional Piggybank
A recent article on teacher spending (ABC News) noted that teachers paid for 77% of school supplies out of their own pockets - an average of $448 each. Yet teachers are among the lowest-paid professionals in the United State, and can ill-afford to spend their own money on supplies that should be purchased by the school district or students' families.

ClassZoom isn't here to reimburse teachers; rather, it provides additional funds to purchase school supplies for those students that need it most, where there is no other source for filling the need.

How ClassZoom Works
When a teacher determines that:

then the teacher contacts A Grain of Hope Foundation's ClassZoom program and requests assistance. If the teacher's request is approved, the supplies themselves or funds to purchase the supplies (which may take the form of an office supply store purchasing card) are sent to the teacher at the teacher's school. If funds are sent, the teacher uses the funds to purchase the needed items, then sends copies of the receipts to A Grain of Hope Foundation.

ClassZoom Approval Requirements
In order to be considered, a request from a teacher must be via fax or mail and should be on school letterhead. All requests must include the school's address and telephone number. The school's address must be verifiable. Each request should include the teacher's name, the supplies needed (both types and quantities), and estimated funds needed to purchase those items. The letter should be signed by the teacher. No administrator approval is required, though it may add value to the request.

Important Restrictions

School-wide or Multi-classroom Funds
If a school has a fund or "kitty" that is used by multiple teachers for the sole purpose of providing school supplies and materials to needy students, ClassZoom can provide funds to help. The school's fund must be controlled or monitored by a school administrator, counselor, or any structure where a teacher requests a disbursement from the fund and that request is screened by another person. Send A Grain of Hope Foundation a request signed by the school principal and indicate the amount sought.

Other Classroom Materials
ClassZoom can also consider requests for materials that are not for use by a specific student, but which would benefit an entire class. Please understand that these requests will be approved only after answering the needs for basic school supplies.

Requests by Non-school Personnel
Requests for funds to buy school supplies for the needy may also be made by social workers, family services units and similar governmental agencies, and religious organizations.

Request Forms for School Supplies Funds
Sample request
Blank form
The requests need not be in this form, but should contain similar content.

Questions? Concerns? Advice?
Send an e-mail to ClassZoom@agrainofhope.org and let us know your thoughts or questions.