ClassZoom School Supplies Fund Request

Stephen Post Elementary School
1234 Education Way
Mayberry, NC 34567
ph: 101-555-1212

I am Sandi Shores, Second Grade teacher at the Stephen Post Elementary School.

I have three students who are in dire need of several important school items. Their families are not in a financial position to supply these, and the school does not currently have the ability to provide them either.

We need the following, along with the estimated cost if purchased locally:

Total value requested: $39.00

I understand and agree that any funds sent to me by the ClassZoom project of A Grain of Hope Foundation, Inc. will be used solely for the purpose of providing school supplies and related materials to needy students. I also agree that any funds leftover after purchasing the requested items will either be returned by me to the Foundation or kept in a "kitty" to be used for future needs of a similar nature in my classroom or school.


Sandi Shores